Recommendations for Consumers at end of the NSW Solar Bonus Scheme

NSW Solar Bonus Scheme

The NSW Solar Bonus Scheme differed from most other government schemes because the solar credits applied to separate measurements of solar system output.

What should consumers do when the subsidised NSW Solar Bonus Scheme ends on 31st Dec 2016 ?

NSW solar consumers wishing to continue maximising the financial benefit they receive from their solar system should consider changing their metering. The following shows how this change doubles the financial benefits they receive from their solar system.

Advantage of Net Metering

Summary of Findings

The recommendations differ depending on which of the two subsidised NSW Solar Bonus Schemes the consumer was on

Consumers on the 60 cent Solar Bonus Scheme

  • Should retain separate metering of their solar system output until the end of 2016
  • Should consider changing to Net Metering early in 2017
  • If accepting a smart meter they should confirm it continues to make separate measurements of solar system output with a credit of 60c/kWh to the end of 2016

Consumers on the 20 cent Solar Bonus Scheme

  • Can change to Net Metering immediately, especially if they are paying more than 20 cents/kWh for their electricity use
  • If accepting a smart meter they should confirm it will make Net Measurements immediately with a credit of 20c/kWh for excess solar output

Solar Consumers not on the Solar Bonus Scheme

  • Are unaffected by the changes and are not required to change their metering

Any consumer choosing to install a smart meter

  • Carefully check all terms, conditions and fees associated with the smart meter. The true cost of the meter may hidden in other charges.

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