Review of Smart Meter Options for end of NSW Solar Bonus Scheme

The NSW Solar Bonus Scheme ends on 31st December 2016

Almost 10% of Australian households with a solar system are affected by the end of the NSW Solar Bonus Scheme. The previous article found affected households wishing to continue maximising the financial benefit of their solar system should install a new meter. But which meter should they install?

For this article the author set out to provide an independent assessment of the various retailer offered smart meters. This assessment started by writing to a dozen retailers offering solar tariffs in the author’s distribution area.

Fully expecting to use the information to prepare his independent advice he was surprised only half responded. The next surprise was only half of those that responded indicated they had decided to offer smart meters.

The term ‘smart meter’ is used loosely to describe a broad range of electronic meters. Just as consumers must choose a smart phone able to meet their requirements NSW consumers affected by the end of the NSW Solar Bonus Scheme must choose the right smart meter. Of the retailers who responded to the author only one was able to confirm their smart meter would allow the author to receive the full solar bonus payable under the existing scheme.

One review of the final article stated “if you as an energy expert have had such problems obtaining information, then pity help the rest of the solar customers“.

Given the author’s experience the final article suggests a number of areas in which the NSW Government could meet their obligations to consumers affected by the end of the NSW Solar Bonus Scheme.

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