AEMC Smart Meters: Consumer Privacy (Part 2) and Other Services

AEMC Smart Meter No Outage Reporting

The Australian Energy Market Commission’s (AEMC’s) Smart Meters give consumers no control over their data.

While the lack of data privacy is worrying the AEMC smart meters also support several “other services”

What AEMC smart meters do

• Allow retailers to disconnect power remotely

• Reveal when consumers use appliances

• Reveal the specific make and model of appliances used by consumers

When consumers are forced to accept an AEMC smart meter there is no requirement to inform them of these “other services”. Consumers are also provided with no rights to control access to these “other services”

While discussing the above “services” it is also relevant to note the AEMC smart meters omitted several services of benefit to consumers.

AEMC smart meters do not

• Check for safe remote reconnection

• Report power outages

Despite these services providing consumer benefits the AEMC does not allow consumers to request they be supported.

It is concluded the AEMC’s Power of Choice metering reforms give consumers No Power of Choice.

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