Energy Efficiency


There are numerous investments consumers can make to improve their energy efficiency (and reduce their energy costs).

• Installing low flow rate shower heads
• Upgrading from incandescent light bulbs to Light Emitting Diodes (LED)
• Replacing an old pool pump with a star rated energy efficient pump

These investments often provide consumers with a better return on investment than installing a solar system or battery storage system

Government Ineptitude hinders tariff comparisons

The Australian Energy Market Commission’s (AEMC’s) Smart Meter rollout officially commenced on 1st Dec 2017. Consumers are unlikely to see any benefits Previous trials of smart meters show consumers only benefit when the rollout is accompanied by consumer education programs. These programs show consumers how to access their meter data…

Solar Diverters

Solar Diverters are being sold to consumers as a cheap alternative to battery storage A key question is “Will consumers recover the cost of the solar diverter?” The answer is probably not. The following analysis also finds solar diverters have the potential to adversely affect power quality Download Article Citation…

Energy Efficient Pool Pumps

The installation of an energy efficient pool pump can significantly reduce annual electricity costs. This analysis finds the best financial return is achieved by installing a pool pump with 5 stars.