Years to recover cost of battery storage

Number of years to recover the cost of domestic battery storage systems

One of the first questions consumers should ask is

How long does it take for savings from the installation of a battery system to recover the costs?

Answering this question involves considering

• lifetime of the battery

• annual savings delivered by the system

• installed cost of the battery system

• lifetime of the electronics used in the battery system

Battery DegradationBattery Lifetime

Most of us have experienced the frustration of trying to using a 2 year old mobile phone where the battery only seems to last a couple of hours between recharges. In exactly the same way daily charging and discharging of a battery storage system reduces the Usable Capacity of the storage battery.

Annual Savings including Battery DegradationAnnual Savings

Annual savings delivered by the battery system decrease as the Usable Capacity decreases.

After 10 to 15 years Annual Savings decrease more rapidly as the Usable Capacity decreases more rapidly.

Never recover cost of battery storageLifetime of the Electronics

The Total System Cost should include the cost to repair / replace the high power electronics used in the battery charger and battery inverter after 10 to 15 years.

Comparing the Total System Cost to Total Savings reveals using current costs households never recover the cost of a battery storage system

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