Viewing solar savings for NSW SBS customers

The NSW Solar Bonus Scheme ends on 31st December 2016

NSW Solar Bonus Scheme (SBS) customers wishing to maximise the financial benefits they receive from their solar system at the end of the SBS should ensure the output of their solar system is net metered.

During the NSW SBS consumers could easily check annual savings and solar system performance using their electricity bill. This changes once they install a net meter.

For a net metered solar system most of the savings arise from the amount of solar generated electricity they use. Unfortunately net meters do not measure the amount of solar generated electricity the consumer uses. From the start of 2017 electricity bills can no longer be used to check annual savings or solar system performance.


For example taking the typical Sydney household with a net metered 1.5kW solar system the annual credit shown on the bill will be a “measly” $46. The bill will not show the $326 the solar system actually saved them.

It is well worth shopping around for a new retailer offered smart meter. In addition to different tariffs at least one retailer intends to continue offering their customers separate measurements of the solar system output which can be used to calculate savings and check solar system performance.

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