Government Ineptitude hinders tariff comparisons

The Australian Energy Market Commission’s (AEMC’s) Smart Meter rollout officially commenced on 1st Dec 2017.

Consumers are unlikely to see any benefits

Previous trials of smart meters show consumers only benefit when the rollout is accompanied by consumer education programs. These programs show consumers how to access their meter data and use it to lower their energy costs. The AEMC smart meter rollout does none of this.

The Productivity Commission’s recent Consumer Data Rights has identified the lack of consumer access to their energy data, however only giving consumers access to their meter data is insufficient to deliver the benefits.

Consumers must be able to use their smart meter data to lower their energy costs

For consumers to use their smart meter data to lower energy costs they require

• Simple access to their smart meter data in a format easily used to compare available tariffs

• Details of their current tariff in a format easily used on tariff comparison websites

Finally to encourage the development of independent third party tariff comparison services

• The AER should give access to their comprehensive list of available tariffs

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