Giving consumers No Power of Choice

Giving Consumers No Power of Choice

The metering reforms introduced as part of the Australian Energy Market Commission’s (AEMC’s) Power of Choice give consumers No Power of Choice.

The specific points made in this submission

• Retailers are taking too long to install smart meters – The AEMC should regulate the maximum time to complete the installation (with penalties applied for failing to meet the timeframe)

• The rules fail to give consumers the right to request a new smart meter – The AEMC should ensure consumers can request the installation of a smart meter with retailers obliged to provide a meter

• The Power of Choice promised consumers could choose the metering services they valued, but currently retailers are giving consumers no choice. The AEMC should give consumers the right to request the installation of smart meters supporting the services valued by consumers, not just services valued by retailers

• The Power of Choice promised to give consumers the right to choose the meter services and meter provider. Instead retailers were given a monopoly to choose who, when and what consumers were given. The market should be opened to competition by allowing consumers to appoint their own meter provider

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