Comparing Consumer Rights in the AEMC and UK Smart Meter Rollouts

Who Controls your smart meter data

The UK and Australian energy markets are remarkably similar. In both markets a smart meter rollout is currently underway. Comparing the rights the UK regulator gives UK consumers to control their smart meter against the total lack of control the AEMC offers Australian consumers is enlightening:

Summary of Findings

The design of the Australian and UK electricity markets are remarkably similar. This similarity indicates there is no fundamental reason the AEMC could not give Australian consumers the same rights the UK regulator has chosen to give UK consumers.

Until they do Australian consumers must accept after the AEMC forces them to install a smart meter, consumers have no right to limit how companies they rate as “not representing the interests of consumers” are then given unrestricted access to, and use of, the highly invasive smart meter data.

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