Solar Systems


Choosing to invest in a domestic solar system is a long term financial investment. On current tariffs consumers can increase the financial return by adjusting when they use electricity. After installing a solar system consumers should continue to compare tariffs to further lower their energy costs and regularly check the performance of their solar system.

Fantasy and Reality of Solar Savings

What are the savings Australian consumers can expect from the installation of a solar system? While some may try to suggest consumers will recover the cost of their solar system in 3 to 4 years the reality for most consumers is it will take closer to 10 years. Unfortunately this…

Choosing the highest feed in credit is generally not good advice

Advice available from online forums suggests consumers with a solar system should look for tariffs offering the highest solar feed in credit. This is generally not a good strategy for reducing electricity costs.

Checking Solar System Performance

Solar system performance varies significantly, even for households located in the same suburb. Poor solar system performance may result in the household failing to recover the cost of their solar system. Here we discuss simple checks of solar system performance.

Return on Investment for Sydney Solar Systems

Analysis reveals only 9% of households will recover the real cost of a solar system