submissionsRegulatory Submissions

Dr Gill makes submissions to various regulatory authorities on behalf of the majority of consumers.

Turning Smart Meters into Dumb Meters

  To address consumer concerns with the new smart meters retailers are required to install they are asking the AEMC for permission to deactivate the communications. Deactivating the communications turns the expensive new smart meter back into the dumb meter it replaced. The rule change request only considers deactivation of…

Giving consumers No Power of Choice

The metering reforms introduced as part of the Australian Energy Market Commission’s (AEMC’s) Power of Choice give consumers No Power of Choice. The specific points made in this submission • Retailers are taking too long to install smart meters – The AEMC should regulate the maximum time to complete the…

Unverified quantities are being used to bill consumers

Requirements detailed in the National Measurement Act can be summarised as. If a measuring instrument is used for trade, it must be approved and verified In what appears to be a breach of the National Measurement Act unvalided measurements are routinely used to calculate consumer electricity bills. Download Article

Simplifying Tariff Comparisons

The ACCC’s Electricity Retail Price Inquiry shows over a period of 10 years Australian electricity prices have risen by a dramatic 64% (in real terms). What the average figure fails to highlight is consumers choosing the wrong electricity tariff could be paying twice as much compared to the best tariff….

Demand Management Incentive Scheme

Simple analysis shows the Demand Management Incentive Scheme will not result in lower electricity prices.

Allowing consumers to find the best electricity tariff

The Australian Government is so concerned about Australian electricity prices they have instructed the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) to undertake an inquiry

IPART Consumer Options at end of NSW SBS

In late 2016 the NSW Energy Minister asked IPART to undertake a review of options available to consumers on the NSW Solar Bonus Scheme.